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Flawed Diamond
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Flawed Diamond Private Limited is a IT company , Telecoms and Marketing agency based in Cape Town founded in 2013 . We recently partnered with Great Choice Telecoms in Texas and provide call centre solutions such as Vici Dial , IVRs. We also provide BPO services for your business such as telemarketing ,social media marketing , customer support and more.


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We offer top of the line voice broadcast software allowing you to call an unlimited amount of individuals per day using a standard message with an opt in/opt out and not interested response. All calls can be integrated with all the systems we offer including rotating DID’s on each call and a custom IVR to your disposal.


We provide a custom IVR system that allows your customers to call back and be directed to your automated routing system, in which you can have custom prompts for your customer to answer using their dial pad to be directed to your sales team, customer service, etc.


We offer highly relevant and accuracy focused data solutions. Using the following lead generation methods.E-Mail marketing campaigns, SMS marketing campaigns, Mass mailer campaigns, Mobile marketing campaigns and Telemarketing campaigns.


VICIdial® is a complete software suite for call center. It is based on the Asterisk® open source PBX telephony system. With it, it is possible to create a complete input and output contact center with input support via email. The agent and administrator interfaces are highly complete. The information is practical and is displayed in real-time. Everything is controlled through your internet


Your company can save a significant amount of time, money and resources by using our call centre.Our outbound telemarketing services are staffed with market research professionals who will gather and analyze data to help your company identify sales opportunities and be more competitive. We have the capacity of handling customer care services and debt collection.


Who were & what do we do better?

We are Flawed Diamond
A Web Development & Marketing agency based in Cape Town.

Established in 2013, with the evolution of the internet our agency focuses on the innovation of developing web services, as well digital marketing. We strive to help small to medium companies with sophisticated online branding that consists of a professional logo, advanced website, workspace online integration system, as well as office hardware and software. Partner with Great Choice Telecoms based in Texas providing bespoken telecoms solutions

Among our Long term Clients:
Sakoshi | WES | CoeurtisseBootique | Goshen Installations | Gaval | Hoshino on web designs.

Partner to Great Choice Telecoms providing expert telecoms solutions at competitive prices

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